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Munich, Germany

Last month my boyfriend, Brock, and I went on a 10-day Europe adventure. We stepped off the plane in Munich, Germany and our adventure started almost immediately as we tried to buy bus tickets into the city. We must have looked confused (or American) because this random old lady approached us and in broken English offered us her extra bus tickets at a discounted price. Sketchy? Yes, but she was just a cute old Grandma.  We probably got scammed but she just kept saying “come, come” and waving us toward her and the bus. So there we were on a bus to Munich attempting small talk with a cute German Grandma. We never found out if that was a legitimate bus ticket she gave us.

The rest of our day was spent exploring Munich! With just one day reserved for the city, we hopped on a bus tour to pack in the sights. And of course, ended the day with dinner and mugs of beer.

Munich Germany Travel BlogMunich Germany Travel BlogMunich Germany Travel BlogMunich Germany Travel BlogMunich, Germany

Next stop, Austria!