Capsule Staples | Vegan Leather Purse

Vegan Leather Purse - Urban Outfitters

I wasn’t sure what vegan leather would be like, but this bag does not feel like cheap peel-at-the-edges pleather. Plus — my favorite part — it’s reversible!

Urban Outfitters Vegan Purse

Urban Outfitters Vegan Purse

My vegan diet is gradually affecting all of my lifestyle choices; which brings me to this purse. I’m doing my best to no longer buy leather. I still have some in my closet from working at Fossil in college, but I’m gradually replacing it with vegan alternatives like this one!

I bought this purse at Urban Outfitters in Chicago a few weeks ago. It’s simple, functional, and affordable. I’m not counting accessories in my capsule wardrobe, but if I was this purse would be great, because everyone likes a 2-for-1.

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Spiced Pear Honey Whiskey

One time a bartender told me only aggressive drunk people order Jack Daniels.

Spice Pear Honey Whiskey Recipe

But I’m sure he just meant aggressive on the dance floor. I have come to the conclusion via my thorough research prior to this blog post that whiskey and pear is an underrated combination. This drink tastes like cinnamon applesauce!

Side note: Can I just point out that my good camera is currently out of town, so this is my high quality iPhone photography. The grainy-ness of the photos add to the rugged whiskey-drinker vibe, right?

Spice Pear Honey Whiskey Recipe

Well, the photography on this blog can only go up from here!

Spiced Pear Honey Whiskey Recipe

1 part of Honey Whiskey
3 parts Spiced Pear Cider (found at Whole Foods)
Splash of Club Soda
Toss in chopped fresh pear

Spice Pear Honey Whiskey Recipe

To be honest, I am on the fence of if I like blogging about food and drinks, but I looooooove taking the photography (regardless of the equipment). So, if you enjoyed this post, let me know! I consider myself in the “Experimental Phase” of this blog, so any feedback helps.


(And drink responsibly. Don’t be stupid.)

(Unless you’re on a dance floor. Then stupid is cool. I think.)