Spring Capsule Wardrobe | Reshuffle

I’m doing a capsule wardrobe reshuffle. Yes, I made this up, but hear me out.

When I put together my spring capsule I was after versatility so I chose mostly basics that I felt comfortable in. It turns out a closet full of comfortable basics doesn’t translate to confidence in your style or wardrobe. So with one month left, I’m opting for a reshuffle.

Say hello to the new additions:

And adios to what’s leaving:

Also, why did I add two dresses that (a) I don’t like wearing and (b) aren’t even spring colors?! What was I thinking? I don’t feel comfortable in either of them — one is too short with sleeves which should never be a combo because if you raise your arm the whole thing moves up. And the other dress is too plain and formal. So, rather than forcing it, I’ve accepted that if I don’t feel totally comfortable, confident, or myself in something then I’m tossing it aside.

I’m so glad I started this project because I wouldn’t have learned these things without forcing myself to take a closer look at my closet through a capsule wardrobe. It’s only been two months and I already feel like I understand my style better and see the gaps I need to fill for my next capsule.

Out with the old, in with the favorites. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  1. Michelle E April 28, 2017

    I love both those skirts!! I think you’ll definitely find those versatile. Are they old or where are they from as I’m looking for skirts just like those these days…

    • admin May 4, 2017

      Hi Michelle, thank you! These skirts are from last summer. The navy one is from Madewell and the striped one is from Abercrombie & Fitch! 🙂


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