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Spring Capsule WardrobeSpring Capsule Wardrobe Spring Capsule Wardrobe Spring Capsule Wardrobe Spring Capsule WardrobeSpring Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

The other day my sister, boyfriend, and I stopped at a local taproom for kombucha. I’ve come to really enjoy kombucha. It’s sweet tea that’s been fermented, so it’s filled with probiotics good for gut health. It doesn’t taste sweet, actually quite bitter, but it’s usually flavored with fruit so it’s really good.

Alright let’s talk about my capsule wardrobe. None of my outfits in this capsule really scream Spring, but Minnesota doesn’t scream Spring until the end of April. We have time! Weening myself off shopping is harder than I expected. I’m realizing how often I go buy small pieces just for the fun of it. Unfortunately the thrill doesn’t last forever and those clothes are often the first to be sent to the back of the closet.

If you relate to this mindless shopping habit read this article. It’s long but worth the read! Hopefully it will help you steer clear of Target’s sale rack as much as it’s helping me.

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