Digging Into Summer

As Spring—both the season and my capsule wardrobe—wraps up I’ve started dipping into my summer capsule.

Summer Capsule WardrobeSummer Capsule WardrobeSummer Capsule WardrobeSummer Capsule WardrobeSummer Capsule Wardrobe

For some reason, switching my capsule wardrobe to a new season is taking a lot of time.

I’ll lose an hour at night online shopping for this perfect cap-sleeve, midi-dress that I made up in my head to check all the boxes from work appropriate to something I can wear to a wedding. It’s kind of exhausting. And in some moments feels like I’m not doing this right.

Maybe 3 months off of emotional shopping makes strategic shopping feel like a chore.

Or maybe I just don’t need it. I have dresses in my closet that are fine but just not perfect. A capsule wardrobe has me chasing perfection when I want to be chasing contentment.

I’m glad I’m realizing this now so I can re-ground myself in my purpose and focus on the areas of life that matter more than clothes.

Ps. I have bought a few things for my next capsule. It’s mostly work clothes because this process made me realize I want to dress nicer for work. But I’m just trying to not go overboard and rehaul everything.

Thanks for reading!

Photos by kittycotten.com.


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  1. Mia August 4, 2017

    Dear Kimberly.

    I really like these pictures. Also, your thoughts of using a capsule wardrobe to find your style really resonates with me. I have not being able to figure out why I was not content with my attempts to make a capsule wardrobe. After seeing the video with you and your sister where you talk about your experience with a capsule wardrobe, and reading your blog, I realised that it is because I have no clue what my style is, so my tiny wardrobe is all over the place. Now that I have acknowledged that, I can start figuring out which outfits make me feel confident, and which does not (and why), so that I can start defining my style. So thank you 🙂

    Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark


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